Data-driven lead generation + nurturing

We log every page your contacts visit, how many times they visit each page, and any custom events or actions that you desire. Perhaps you want to know if someone signed up for a form, watched a video, or downloaded a white-paper. You can log everything with minimal effort.

Initial Outgoing Email Campaigns

Target the entirety of your initial lead list with email variants from different senders (i.e. lifestyle magazine, neighborhood guide site, rental search sites, and — of course — your actual business entity). They are served a handful of varying emails with differing message content, aesthetics, and focused subject lines. The dataset of which subject lines earned an open from an individual, which in-message items earned a click, and which email aesthetics led to a reply vs. a deletion paint a picture of that lead’s specific interests and the content and copy which is likely to pique their interest. This data informs our retargeting efforts, ensuring we’re only serving them content of highest-interest to them in precisely the way they’ve shown to be most receptive to receiving it  — nudging them down the sales funnel to conversion.

Dynamically-Generated, Subject-Specific Follow Up Emails

With a picture of each respective leads unique interests, subsequent emails are dynamically generated, filling in the body of each follow-up email with sections from our pre-built template library that directly relate to emails they’ve opened, areas of messages they’ve clicked, and pages they’ve clicked-through to and visited on the site. Individuals who demonstrate fledgling interest by clicking to view West Loop commercial spaces but navigating no further on the site will be served with more generalist emails showcasing multiple properties with commercial vacancies in West Loop.

Once they engage further, and their click and open patterns reveal a preference for a given property, they will be served property-specific virtual tours, amenity information, and lease rates. If their engagement drops off after viewing lease rates, they will be periodically served price-sensitive promotions, i.e. a move-in special if they sign a lease the month of August … and so on. This serves to nurture each lead down the sales pipeline toward conversion with increasingly personalized content and messaging, guided by their very own interactions with our previous marketing messaging.

Log + react to every lead interaction

We log every page your contacts visit, how many times they visit each page, and any custom events or actions that you desire. Perhaps you want to know if someone signed up for a form, watched a video, or downloaded a white-paper. You can log everything with minimal effort.

Respond automatically with personalized messaging on any platform in real-time based on your contacts' actions and behaviors.

Take the data you collect from tracking and create highly effective campaign automations: send highly personalized email campaigns and followups, automatically send an SMS, desktop notification, or displaying a specific Facebook Ad based on prospect’s behavior in real time. The outcome wheel allows you to change the path of the journey and tailor the next follow-up action based on how users respond.

Every read message, opened email, call, click triggers an automated action

Examples of Behavioral Triggers

Email Activity

Add a contact to a journey when they are sent, or interact with (i.e. open or click), any email or a specific email.

Facebook Lead Ads

Add a contact to a journey when they submit a Facebook Lead ad or target them on another platform if they haven’t interacted with Facebook remarketing ads.

Text Message Activity

Add a contact to a journey when they are open, delete, or reply to a marketing text message with a given keyword (i.e. “subscribe”)

On-Site Forms

Add a contact to a journey when they submit a form or begin a contact / registration of interest form and fail to complete it.

Page Visit Tracking

Add a contact to a journey when they visit a specific page, or a page that meets some criteria (e.g. contains a particular word).

CRM Field Updated

Triggers when a field value for a lead is updated in the CRM (i.e. from interested in “studios” to “1 BR Units”)

Meaningful customer actions dynamically trigger personalized, automated follow-up actions

Nurture your leads toward conversion, nudging them along the path to purchase by engaging at the right time on the right channel. Serve special offers to repeat visitors who haven’t converted, email West Loop leasing rates to users who visit the 1K Fulton landing page, and text tour-scheduling links to those who register interest in a property online.

Automatically remarket to warm leads at the right time on the right platform.

Examples of Behavior-Triggered Responses

Email Activity

Send email with personalized greeting + link to current commercial availabilities to users who clicked “Find Office Space” link in a marketing email campaign and viewed “West Loop” community page on the site but never completed the website form to request info on Fulton Market office availabilities.

Custom Social Ads

Add “West Loop Commercial Properties” page visitors who exit the site after viewing pricing to a custom ad audience and serve them personalized Facebook + Google ads promoting a special move-in offer for Fulton Market commercial tenants with background image matching the property they viewed.

Text Message Activity

Text personalized greeting and “book tour” link to repeated clickers of the 600 W Chicago link within “commercial properties” email campaigns but didn’t submit an interest form on-site. If unopened, resend in 2 days. If opened, target them with a Facebook video ad showing a virtual tour of 600 W Chicago.

Google Display Ads

Retarget all non-converting leads in your CRM who once registered interest in ground-floor commercial spaces with Google Banner ads as they browse the web. Serve ad variant w/ restaurant render to restaurant-industry leads + ad variant w/ storefront render to all retail-industry leads.

Page Visit Tracking

Send email with 330 N. Green + 300 West Adams lookbook attachments + page links to all site visitors who viewed 333 N. Green property detail page, didn’t convert, and has yet to view the other two properties. If they open the email + click a link, send them an automated “schedule a tour” link via text.

CRM Lead Scoring

Increase “lead value” by 50% in the CRM for site visitors who filtered for “10,000 SF +” when viewing commercial availabilities. Further increase lead value by 80% if they filtered to view long-term vs. short term lease. Link max Adwords bid price to “lead value” field to ensure digital ads target highest-valued leads.

Automate Follow-Up & Lead Nurturing

Continuously re-market and re-engage with ongoing, automated lead nurturing campaigns.

Nudge leads toward conversion, increasing the personalization at each step of the marketing journey. Use the data points learned from their previous interactions with your marketing messages to identify the topic, medium, message, and aesthetics most appealing to them and push them towards converting with marketing messages catered to their interest.

Signature with Contact Info
Behavior-driven offer
Behavior-driven imaging
Automated Follow-Up
Automated Follow-Up

Smart Remarketing + Retargeting Ads

Your leads want to hear from you. Helpfully and continuously engage them on all platforms

Re-market to your leads, with automated + personalized ads, dynamically generated by their previous actions + demonstrations of interest.

  • Google Adwords Text Ads
  • Display Network Banner Ads
  • Custom Facebook + Insta Ads
  • Personalized Texts + Emails